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Medical Translations

Medical translation services are becoming more and more necessary. Translation of medical documents is required for various reasons related to treatment of the patient, a medical opinion, a diagnosis, insurance, medical research, public health and control, and restraining of epidemics throughout the world.

Hebrew to English medical translations
For the receipt of a price quote without a commitment, just forward the documents to us by fax or by e-mail stating the target language of the translation, and we will reply without delay.

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Tel.: 03-5464116  Fax.: 03-5212138

Nahum Rosemberg Translation Services
Hayarkon 256/4 - Tel Aviv 63504

We translate medical documents of all types from Hebrew to English, and vice versa.

Translation of comprehensive medical opinions

Translation of the medical records and test results expands the treatment options and alternatives as well as recommendations for future treatments that is worth considering.
As far as your health and welfare are concerned, understanding clearly your condition and the options open to you is the initial and critical step in the achieving of the optimal treatment for you.
We can provide you with high-standard medical translation, with accurate terminology, in the time you need it.

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Tel.: 03-5464116  Fax.: 03-5212138


Nahum Rosemberg Translation Services
Hayarkon 256/4 - Tel Aviv 63504

Because medical translation is typically a multi-step process, it is usually carried out by a translation agency which oversees all project management and the linguistic team.”
“Given the life and death nature of medical texts, there is a strong emphasis on translation quality”   Wikipedia


medical translations to English Hebrew to English

Medical records translations services: Hebrew to English, Hebrew to Russian, Hebrew to French

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